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Working with zip files

Character validation of entry paths

Each platform has its own rules governing which characters can be used in file names. zipcreator does not restrict you from using such characters in entry paths.

However, if you extract or drag an entry containing characters not supported on the host system, zipcreator will alert you.

Drag operation cancelled dialog

This flexible approach lets you prepare zip files on one platform for use on other platforms, without the zip files inheriting the limitations of the first platform.

Parent directories of added entries

When files and directories are added to the list, the directory structure is preserved relative to the first entry added.

This principle is best understood by practising adding entries from various directories, but the following examples may help.

Use the "Change directory..." command to change the parent directory of selected entries. If multiple entries are selected, the common path will be changed.

Changing the storage method of entries

By default, files added to the list of entries will have a storage method of "Compressed". You can choose whether file entries should be stored in a compressed or uncompressed state using the popup menu.

Some files may not benefit from compression. After saving the zip file, you can review the size information in the list to identify such files. Using the popup menu, set the sort order to "Ratio as saved". The least compressed files will then be shown at the top of the list. You can then select any entries with a compression ratio of 100% or higher and change their storage method to "Uncompressed".

Making changes to existing zip files

Like a word processor application, the changes you make in zipcreator are only committed when you choose to save them.

An asterisk appears against the name of an opened zip file to indicate that changes have been made since the file was opened.

zipcreator will prompt you to save your changes before exiting the application and before creating or opening another zip file.

Adding file entries

Added entries are only written to a zip file when the zip file is saved. Do not move, rename or delete the source files of added entries before saving the zip file.

Missing directory entries

Prior to saving, zipcreator checks all entry paths for associated directory entries. The following prompt may appear.

Create directory entries dialog

zipcreator offers to create all missing directory entries for you. For example, if an entry has the path Installation/Readme.txt, but has no corresponding Installation directory entry.

Directory entries are not essential to the structure of zip files, but do improve their legibility. Without directory entries, a zip file will not contain information about empty directories.

Using multiple instances of zipcreator

If you open a second zipcreator window you can:

When dragging or pasting an individual entry, the directory structure will not be preserved. This behaviour only applies to individual entries.